Baby Changing Tables in Barcelona: where to find them

So you’ve traveled to Barcelona with your baby. Good choice! Barcelona is very kid- and baby-friendly. You’ll see families with their babies on the street, in restaurants, in cafes… Almost everywhere that adults are welcome, their babies are welcome to join! However, for such a baby-friendly city, the changing table situation in Barcelona is a bit dire. But we figured it out! During our recent two-week stay in Barcelona with our six-month old baby, we[…]

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Vessi Soho Review: A New Shoe for My Travel Collection?

It’s rare to have a trip without any rain. While rainfall in distant cities can be picturesque (ever seen Midnight in Paris?), wet feet can really put a damper on things, and packing wet shoes in a suitcase is the stuff of nightmares. This made me curious about the newly launched Vessi Soho. I love my Vessi Cityscapes and my Vessi Cityscape Classics. But the Sohos looked so different! Cute, but would they perform as[…]

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Vegan/vegetarian travel in Mongolia – is it possible?

When we hopped onto our train to Ulaanbaatar from Beijing, we didn’t really know what to expect. We’d be traveling around the Gobi desert for about a week, and we definitely weren’t planning on any vegetarian options – but then again, we weren’t exactly going to Mongolia for the food. In fact, we’d heard tales from other travelers of mutton for breakfast, mutton for lunch, and more mutton for dinner, maybe accompanied by some fermented[…]

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Men's Vessi CityScape Classics in Storm Black on Black

Vessi Cityscape Classics Review: The only travel shoe you need?

We first became Vessi fans back in 2019, when we bought them sight-unseen from an Instagram ad and were immediately impressed. Stylish, lightweight, breathable, and WATERPROOF?! They changed our travel game big time. No more wet feet when exploring new cities! No need to worry about packing clunky rain boots when traveling in the rainy season! Yes, we loved our original Vessi Cityscape shoes, and we’re still wearing them on every trip three years later.[…]

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classic vietnam street scene

The Best Southeast Asia Itinerary

Southeast Asia, or SEA in travel-speak, is a classic backpacker destination. It’s warm, fun, extremely interesting, has some of the world’s best food, and yes, it’s CHEAP. What’s not to like? We’ve been to the SEA region a few times and love it – we can’t wait to go back. But if you’re planning a trip, you might be unsure about where to go. After all, there are lots of countries in the region! Which[…]

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