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us at machu picchu in peru!We’re from the great city of New York in the exceptional land of no vacation, where trips are rare. Two weeks of vacation is normal. One third of people have a passport. Crazy! We’d all love to see the world, but for most of us it’s hard to figure out how. BUT – we aren’t doomed, at least not on the travel front.

We’ve been to over 60 countries in the last few years, while both maintaining so-called respectable careers. This blog is here to tell you how we do it, and about some of the crazy, odd, disturbing, or otherwise curious incidents and adventures that we’ve encountered along the way. Whether it’s getting stuck on an almost unbelievably filthy train for 22 hours in Serbia, sampling hospitals across the world, or just sitting at lovely cafes, we’re here to entertain you with our misfortunes and incite you to book some trips. As they say, book first and think about it later.

We’ve made travel a priority, and it’s become a huge part of our lives. We’re happier, calmer, and dare we say better at our jobs because of it.

Whether you’re looking for new trip destinations, strategies for budget travel, or have arrived on this website by mistake, we’re glad you’ve found us. Take a look at where we’ve been, or just dive into the blog.

The latest from the blog!

Waikiki Beach

Visiting Waikiki with a Baby: The Complete Guide

Planning a vacation to Waikiki with a baby? You're in for a treat! Waikiki is known not only for its ...
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Women's Vessi Westerly Coach Jacket in Sea

My Experience with the Vessi Westerly Coach Jacket

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Vessi brand. With not one, not two, but three pairs of ...
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Baby Changing Tables in Barcelona: where to find them

So you've traveled to Barcelona with your baby. Good choice! Barcelona is very kid- and baby-friendly. You'll see families with ...
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Vessi Soho Review: A New Shoe for My Travel Collection?

It’s rare to have a trip without any rain. While rainfall in distant cities can be picturesque (ever seen Midnight ...
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Vegan/vegetarian travel in Mongolia – is it possible?

When we hopped onto our train to Ulaanbaatar from Beijing, we didn't really know what to expect. We'd be traveling ...
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Men's Vessi CityScape Classics in Storm Black on Black

Vessi Cityscape Classics Review: The only travel shoe you need?

We first became Vessi fans back in 2019, when we bought them sight-unseen from an Instagram ad and were immediately ...
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