Best Vegetarian Food in the WORLD: The Ultimate Bucket List

Travel is halfway about food, let’s be real. The best part of any good travel day is sitting down to a meal that’s both tasty and novel, a meal that you’re sure you can’t find at home. But for vegetarians and vegans, finding food can also end up being one of the most difficult parts of a trip. What contains meat, what doesn’t, what secretly has two strips of meat hiding at the bottom or[…]

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The Best Travel Clothes for Men

If you’re a backpacker, or if you just travel light, you’ve probably struggled to find good men’s travel clothes to bring on your trips. When I travel, I bring 2 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, a few underwear, one pair of socks, one pair of running shoes, and sandals. That’s enough for indefinite travel, as far as I’m concerned. But for that to work, you’ve got to pick the right clothes! Before traveling to Asia[…]

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Ultimate Packing List (for anywhere in the world!)

Packing is probably my least favorite activity. Here you are, all ready for your vacation, but this Herculean task stands firmly in the way. So many tiny decisions: what to bring, what to leave, what fits, what doesn’t… it’s exhausting. I almost always travel with just a carry-on sized backpack, so space is definitely an issue. And there’s nothing worse than deciding against bringing something, only to end up needing it. This is why I’ve[…]

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Vessi review: are they the perfect travel shoe?

I don’t usually buy things from Instagram ads (actually, I’ve never before bought something from an Instagram ad), but this time the product seemed actually really useful. I kept seeing ads for Vessi 100% waterproof shoes, and eventually, I ordered a pair. And they did not disappoint! Here’s my review of Vessi shoes. (Caveat: I haven’t bought every Vessi shoe in the catalog. Really, this is a Vessi CityScape review!) Why I wanted them: TRAVEL[…]

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How to Get Cell Data Abroad

We’ve all been there: you land in a new country, walk out of the airport, and are immediately bombarded by dozens of taxi offers. Taxi drivers yelling at you, waving their ID’s, etc. You know most of them are trying to scam you – why else would they be so excited to see a discombobulated foreigner? You also know that you don’t know the right price. And you have no cell data, so you have[…]

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