Vessi Soho Review: A New Shoe for My Travel Collection?

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It’s rare to have a trip without any rain. While rainfall in distant cities can be picturesque (ever seen Midnight in Paris?), wet feet can really put a damper on things, and packing wet shoes in a suitcase is the stuff of nightmares. This made me curious about the newly launched Vessi Soho. I love my Vessi Cityscapes and my Vessi Cityscape Classics. But the Sohos looked so different! Cute, but would they perform as well? I took them for a test run, and here’s what I discovered.

Women's Vessi Soho sneakers in ivory white
The Vessi Sohos look AMAZING right out of the box!

Why I was already a fan of the Vessi brand

My initial attraction to Vessi began with the Cityscapes. Simply put, they were the kind of shoes that made travel—and everyday life—easier. Day-long walks? They handled it with comfort. Unexpected rain showers? My feet remained dry every time. They eliminated the hassle of switching between shoes for different weather conditions or sacrificing comfort for style. In short order, they became my go-to pair for almost any situation, setting a high standard I’ve come to expect from Vessi. I bring them with me EVERYWHERE, and I wear them at home, too.

The great thing about a waterproof shoe like a Vessi is that it means that rainy travel days aren’t wasted. No more searching around for indoor activities when I’d rather be out wandering the streets. I just slip on my Vessis, grab an umbrella, and head on out!

I also know that my Vessis are reliable. I’ve had shoes fail me on trips before, which is definitely not ideal. Rushing through markets desperately searching for a new pair of shoes in an emergency leads to getting ripped off on shoes that fall apart within days (speaking from experience). I don’t usually bring back-ups in my little carry-on, so I need to be able to trust my footwear. My Vessis have lasted years with no problem. I bought my first pair in 2019, and they’re still going strong.

So, how do the Vessi Sohos stack up?

The Sohos are a brand-new release, so I haven’t jet-setted with these just yet, but the rainy fall weather at home provided the perfect opportunity to put these to the test. I wore them to a happy hour, and lo and behold, rain started falling. My feet stayed absolutely, completely dry. And just for that extra bit of fun (and thoroughness!), I ran them under a faucet. Result? Bone dry insides! They don’t call Vessi Sohos 100% waterproof for nothing.

Traction is important, too, when it comes to rainy-day footwear. Even around my block, wet pavements can be slippery. The Soho feels extra grippy and secure. These are going to be just the thing for slippery cobblestone streets in Europe!

My Vessi Soho sneakers stayed watertight, even when I ran them under a faucet
Outside: covered in water. Inside: soft and dry.

The style and comfort game

The urban sneaker design of Vessi Soho definitely caught my eye. It’s totally different than other Vessis, and totally at home in basically any major city in the world. I’m not exaggerating when I say that these are the only footwear that I’ll need for upcoming city breaks. They look great with everything, so they’re a great addition to a travel wardrobe that needs to fit in a carry-on.

Best of all, like my previous Vessis, they’re extremely comfortable and breathable. I walk a lot on trips. It’s the best way to see everything! These will be able to stand up to long days exploring on foot no problem, including in hot and humid weather.

Wearing my Vessi Sohos out and about
Vessi Sohos are perfect for brunch or happy hour wherever in the world you may be.

What size Vessi Soho should I order?

I typically wear a 7.5. With the Vessi Soho, I opted to try both size 8 and size 7. Size 7 felt just right; size 8 was too long. If you’re between sizes, you might want to consider sizing down. Vessi does offer free, easy exchanges, just in case it doesn’t work out on your first try.

Anticipating future adventures with my Vessi Sohos

The Soho is definitely going to be claiming some prime real estate in my carry-on. (I think they’ll be a perfect airport shoe, in addition to everything else, but they’re also really lightweight and would be easy to throw in a bag or backpack.) Their sleek design feels ready for the streets of Paris or Tokyo, and their functionality seems up for the challenge of the world’s unpredictable weather. My feet are already dreaming of the places they’ll take me to.

If you’re shopping for a new travel shoe (or an at-home shoe, honestly), I recommend giving Vessi Soho a try. Check them out here and discover the magic for yourself!

Women's Vessi Sohos in ivory white
I’m obsessesed.

Note: Vessi introduced me to the Soho for a genuine review. All tests, walks, and reflections are genuinely my own. Here’s to new steps and stories.

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