Vessi Cityscape Classics Review: The only travel shoe you need?

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We first became Vessi fans back in 2019, when we bought them sight-unseen from an Instagram ad and were immediately impressed. Stylish, lightweight, breathable, and WATERPROOF?! They changed our travel game big time. No more wet feet when exploring new cities! No need to worry about packing clunky rain boots when traveling in the rainy season!

Yes, we loved our original Vessi Cityscape shoes, and we’re still wearing them on every trip three years later. When we heard that Vessi was updating the Cityscape, we weren’t sure what to think. Honestly, the original Cityscape is great, and we didn’t know what changes to expect. But we love our Vessis, so we signed on to be #VessiAmbassadors and try out the new (and improved?) Cityscape Classics. Here’s our honest review of Vessi Cityscape Classics.

First of all, what are Vessis?

Vessis are fully waterproof sneakers, full stop. They look like sneakers and they feel like sneakers. They breathe like sneakers and they’re light like sneakers. But, magically, they repel any and all water. We’ve had our original Vessis for three years now and we’ve worn them in monsoons and mountain streams, mud and slush, and even run them under a bathtub faucet. Not a drop of water ever gets through.

Truly, Vessis are unique in this way. Other brands of shoe (I’m looking at you, Allbirds…) claim to be water-resistant, but they really can’t stand up to the heavy rains that we sometimes encounter when traveling. Vessis keep your feet dry, dry, dry. They are truly 100% waterproof!

You can literally run Vessis under a facuet, and not a drop gets through to your feet.

They have other great advantages, too. They’re light, compact, and easy to pack. They’re entirely vegan. They’re stretchy and comfy to wear for a full day of walking. They keep your feet comfortable in both hot and cold weather (ideal for trips with multiple destinations). They’re truly one shoe for all purposes. We love them for travel, but we also wear them at home pretty frequently.

First impression of Vessi Cityscape Classics

I ordered my Cityscape Classics in the exact same color as my original Cityscapes (yes, I love them that much). Ethan ordered his in all black. At first glance, they do look quite similar to the original Cityscapes, but as we tried them on and looked them over, we noticed a few new, impressive features.


If we did have one complaint about our original Vessi Cityscapes, it’s that the traction was pretty minimal. Totally fine for walking in a city, but less ideal for, say, walking down a slope on a slippery surface or moving about on ice or snow. The Cityscape Classics have significantly more traction. This is definitely an improvement!

Traction on Vessi CityScape Classics
This new-and-improved traction should be enough for most travel scenarios.


The original Vessi Cityscapes had little support. This wasn’t a huge issue for us, even after walking in them for miles and miles and miles, although I did eventually end up buying some inserts to put in mine after a minor foot injury. The Vessi Cityscape Classics are way more supportive. The internal arch support feels more substantial. In addition, the rubber sole is a little thicker, giving this shoe a profile closer to a walking or running shoe. This will come in handy on our traditional ten-mile daily walks on trips!

Support on Vessi CityScape Classic
The new Cityscape Classic definitely offers more support than the original.


The new Vessi Cityscape Classics have a slimmer mid-shoe profile than the original Cityscapes. While the original Cityscapes had a protruding flap that held the laces, causing the body of the shoe to be rather straight, the Cityscape classics have the laces attached directly onto fabric loops on the shoe. This means that you can attach the shoe more snugly to your foot, and that the profile of the shoe is thinner.

Vessi CityScape Classics have a slimmer profile, compared to the original CityScapes
The laces are attached differently on the new CityScape Classics, giving them a slimmer profile and a snugger fit.

Other features

The Cityscape Classic has a few other new features, as well. There is a pull-tab in the back and elastic around the ankle to help the shoe slide on and off more easily. Honestly, we never had a problem with this with the original shoe, but it’s a nice touch! Additionally, there are some nice teal accents on the Cityscape Classic, both on the Charcoal Grey and Storm Black on Black version.

Men's Vessi CityScape Classics in Storm Black on Black
The teal aglets are a nice touch!


Vessis do not come in half sizes. Typically, I wear a 7 or a 7.5. My original Vessi Cityscapes are a size 8, and they fit perfectly, so I ordered a size 8 for these as well. They are a little too long, so I will be exchanging them for a size 7. (Vessi accepts returns or exchanges free within 90 days). Meanwhile, Ethan is usually a size 11.5 and ordered a 12, and they fit him nicely.

If you’re a half-sizer, we’d recommend sizing up and seeing how it goes, knowing that you have the option for an easy exchange in case the fit isn’t just how you like! When you’re trying them on, keep in mind that Vessis are designed to be stretchy and to fit snug and cozy like a sock.

Our Verdict on Vessi Cityscape Classics

We would definitely recommend the Cityscape Classics. If you’ve had the original Cityscapes for a few years now, it might be worth the upgrade. The increased traction and support are the most important new features to us. They make it easier to wear our Vessis on all kinds of trips, from city breaks to nature escapes. But we were pleased to see that the Cityscape Classics maintain all of the most important Vessi hallmarks, from the breathable fabric to the true, 100% waterproof material.

If you’re a frequent traveler, these are the ONLY shoe you need, we promise! (Okay, we usually bring two pairs, just to cover all bases.) If you know a frequent traveler, these would be a perfect gift! We also love Vessis for commuting – if you walk or take public transit, you know that rainy days are your enemy – not anymore!

Our original Vessi Cityscapes gave us three good years across five continents and many, many countries (and, honestly, they’re still going strong). Can’t wait to see where our Cityscape Classics take us!

Thinking that Vessis might be just right for you? Or, thinking they might be the perfect gift for the traveler in your life? Check them out!

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