Baby Changing Tables in Barcelona: where to find them

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So you’ve traveled to Barcelona with your baby. Good choice! Barcelona is very kid- and baby-friendly. You’ll see families with their babies on the street, in restaurants, in cafes… Almost everywhere that adults are welcome, their babies are welcome to join! However, for such a baby-friendly city, the changing table situation in Barcelona is a bit dire.

But we figured it out! During our recent two-week stay in Barcelona with our six-month old baby, we found changing tables all over the city. More importantly, we found a pretty foolproof way for discovering new baby changing facilities. (Scroll to the bottom if that’s what you’re here for!) Here’s what we learned.

Buying diapers in Barcelona

Before you head to a changing table, you’ll need diapers. We had read that Huggies were available in Barcelona. We didn’t find them anywhere. Instead, every supermarket carried a brand called Dodot. We had read that these were the same as Pampers. They pretty clearly were not the same as Pampers, although perhaps they are owned or manufactured by the same company. They seemed thinner than the diapers we buy in the US, but they worked fine.

We were not able to find any overnight diapers. If you need a specific kind of diaper, we’d recommend bringing enough for your whole trip, just in case. We were able to find a variety of baby wipes in Barcelona, including water wipes.

Of course, as at home, we’d also recommend bringing your own changing mat. We did find disinfecting wipes for sale in some supermarkets if you’re in a pinch.

Changing tables in restaurants and cafes in Barcelona

Basically, there aren’t any changing tables in restaurants in Barcelona. Almost everywhere we stopped for food or drink had no baby changing table available. There was just a single exception that we found on our whole trip:

Sagradas Tapas

Not only were these tapas absolutely delicious (with plenty of vegetarian options available!) but there is a baby changing table in one of the bathrooms!

Address: Av. de Gaudí, 48 (not far from the Sagrada Familia)
Changing table location: In the first bathroom on the left when you enter (not a gendered bathroom)
Accessibility: Your stroller should fit in the bathroom

Changing tables in Starbucks in Barcelona

The exception to the cafes and restaurants rule seems to be good ol’ Starbucks. Most or all Starbucks in Barcelona seem to have a changing table available. So, yes, they’re less charming than traditional Spanish cafes, but when your baby needs a diaper change, your baby needs a diaper change! Here are two Starbucks locations that we verified have changing tables available:

Starbucks near Diagonal metro station

Address: C/ de Pau Claris, 169
Changing table location: In the only bathroom, not gendered. The bathroom was very clean both times we visited!
Accessibility: You’ll have no problem bringing your stroller in

Starbucks near the Parc de la Ciutadella

Address: Av de Vilanova 3
Changing table location: Outside of the bathrooms
Accessibility: Not ideal. The changing table is located right outside of the bathrooms, where a line of people forms. You’ll have a hard time changing your baby here, even without a stroller, if the Starbucks is at all busy.

Changing tables in tourist sites in Barcelona

We didn’t venture to many tourist sites with our baby, so we can’t vouch for all of them. But we did spot a couple baby changing tables!

Palau Nacional

Changing table location: Not all of the bathrooms have changing tables. We found one in the handicapped bathroom directly to the left of the front entrance.
Accessibility: The whole museum is a bit difficult to navigate with a stroller. To get to this bathroom, you’ll either need to carry your stroller up a small flight of stairs, or else ask an employee to unlock the special lift for you.

Maremagnum mall

Changing table location: There is supposed to be one at the downstairs bathroom, but the attendant wouldn’t let us enter when we arrived with the baby. Instead, she directed us to the upstairs bathroom, where there is a changing table in the handicapped bathroom. It wasn’t the cleanest or the nicest.
Accessibility: You can bring your stroller up the elevator to access this bathroom.

Changing tables in stores in Barcelona

Surprisingly, we found one supermarket that had a changing table! Presumably, there are others across the city.

Carrefour Market near the Monumental metro station

Address: C/ de Roger de Flor, 168
Changing table location: In the handicapped restroom
Accessibility: Plenty big enough for a stroller. You’ll have to ask an employee for a bathroom key to lock the door behind you.

Changing tables in the Barcelona Airport

The BCN airport was full of beautiful changing tables. Alongside the other restrooms, there were rooms that were only for changing babies. This meant no toilet, and this meant the rooms were pretty clean and not-gross feeling. The rooms had a baby changing table, sink, and trash can. Everything you could need!

Changing tables in hotels in Barcelona – the ultimate baby travel hack!

Here’s our most important discovery: five-star hotels, for the most part, have beautiful baby changing tables. Clean, seemingly rarely used, wonderful changing tables.

Were we staying at a five-star hotel? No, we were in an Airbnb, as usual. But hotels are basically public places. You can just march confidently right on in. You may be greeted by a doorman. Then continue along as if you know where you’re going. Head right to the bathroom. A gorgeous changing table is probably awaiting you!

Baby changing table in El Palace Hotel, Barcelona
A fancy wooden changing table in El Palace Hotel

There were a couple of hotels that we visited that didn’t have changing tables, but definitely more than half did. Here are a few that we found:

Majestic Hotel

Address: Pg. de Gràcia, 68
Changing table location: The women’s bathroom downstairs
Accessibility: The elevator does not go down to the floor with the changing table, so you’ll need to go down a flight of stairs. We didn’t check if the men’s bathroom also had a changing table.

El Palace Hotel

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 668 (not far from the Plaça de Catalunya)
Changing table location: In the handicapped bathroom. Enter the hotel, walk past the concierge desk, and take the hallway on your right.
Accessibility: Easy to enter with the stroller

Hotel NH Collection Barcelona Pódium

Address: C/ de Bailèn, 4-6 (near the Arc de Triomf)
Changing table location: In the women’s bathroom downstairs
Accessibility: The elevator doesn’t go down to this floor, so you’ll need to go down a flight of stairs. The men’s bathroom did not have a changing table.

Radisson Blue 1882 Hotel

Address: C/ de Còrsega, 482 (near the Sagrada Familia)
Changing table location: In the handicapped bathroom downstairs
Accessibility: The elevator goes to the lower level, so you can easily bring a stroller!

Map of baby changing tables in Barcelona

Here are the ones that we found! Click here to view or save our Google maps list of baby changing tables.

Map of baby changing table in Barcelona locations
Baby changing tables in Barcelona map

Where else did you find changing tables in Barcelona? Let us know!

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