You don't want to drive your rental car around NYC in the snow

Cheap car rental: NYC (it can be done!)

If you live in New York City, you probably don’t have a car. And if you’re just visiting the city, you might ask: is it worth getting a car in New York City? The answer is NO! There’s no reason to rent a car in NYC. Because really, having a car in NYC is a nightmare. If you can’t find street parking, which you probably can’t, then parking in a garage is *hilariously* expensive (think[…]

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SIM Card in Paris: which one to buy and where to get it

Traveling abroad is so much easier when you have a SIM card, because everything is so much easier when you have mobile data. As a tourist, though, you’re vulnerable to companies over-charging you, so it’s best to know exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s our guide to finding the best affordable pre-paid SIM card in Paris, France. How do prepaid SIM cards work? A prepaid SIM card essentially gives you a phone number and mobile[…]

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tgv lyria first class seating plan

TGV Lyria First Class: Is It Worth It?

We aren’t usually first-class kinds of travelers. Ethan is tall and has long legs and appreciates more space, sure. Rebecca will never say no to free meals, fine. But usually we’re pretty content with economy. We’re more concerned with just getting to where we’re going. But when we were magically upgraded to TGV Lyria First Class on our journey from Basel, Switzerland to Paris, France, we weren’t going to say no. Here’s our review of[…]

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Lucerne in Winter: What to Expect

Lucerne, Switzerland is best known as a summertime destination. With its picturesque lake and accessibility to the Swiss Alps, it’s certainly beautiful in the warmer months of the year. But what about Lucerne in December, Lucerne in January, or Lucerne in February? Maybe winter is an ideal time to beat the tourist crowds and experience more of the “real” Lucerne? Here is what we discovered when we visited Lucerne in winter. Lucerne in winter is[…]

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beautiful iowa scenery

6 AWESOME things to do in Iowa City, IA

You might think Iowa is a fly-over state. Just corn and …pigs? Who knows really, surely no one has ever been there. Well, you’d be WRONG! As it turns out, Iowa is great. And in particular there are tons of things to do in Iowa City, from beautiful nature to great restaurants to, yes, checking out some farms. If you’re in Iowa, don’t miss it! Here are six great things to do that you probably[…]

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