You don't want to drive your rental car around NYC in the snow

Cheap car rental: NYC (it can be done!)

If you live in New York City, you probably don’t have a car. And if you’re just visiting the city, you might ask: is it worth getting a car in New York City? The answer is NO! There’s no reason to rent a car in NYC. Because really, having a car in NYC is a nightmare. If you can’t find street parking, which you probably can’t, then parking in a garage is *hilariously* expensive (think[…]

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sim card shop in lima, peru

How to Get Cell Data Abroad

We’ve all been there: you land in a new country, walk out of the airport, and are immediately bombarded by dozens of taxi offers. Taxi drivers yelling at you, waving their ID’s, etc. You know most of them are trying to scam you – why else would they be so excited to see a discombobulated foreigner? You also know that you don’t know the right price. And you have no cell data, so you have[…]

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Why we have a travel phone (and you should too!)

We are all about packing light and traveling cheap. Less stuff means less things to lose, less difficulty squeezing into tiny airplane seats, and less chance of one day turning into an elderly person hobbled over due to one too many kilos on the back. Or so we hope. So, if we choose to add more items to our packing lists, there better be a good reason. And there are lots of reasons to bring[…]

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visit paris on a budget!

How can I afford a trip to Paris – or anywhere?

It’s everyone’s first question: “you guys don’t work in finance, you didn’t inherit millions, so how do you afford to travel around the world all the time???” Fair question. Here we’ll lay out the answer, and demonstrate how we’d afford a trip to Paris. Hint: travel is NOT as expensive as nearly everyone believes. A traditional trip Let’s start with a traditional plan for a trip. First, you need some flights, say for two people.[…]

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Why We Hate The Question, “What did you do there?”

We love to travel. We take trips whenever we can. And, inevitably, when we get back from a trip, we hear, “Wow, sounds fun! What did you do there?” (Or its cousin, “Sounds like a fun trip you’re planning, what will you do?”) And the answer, more often then not, is: NOTHING. Well, not quite nothing, but also not anything that anyone would want to hear about. We say, “Oh, we drank a lot of[…]

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