7 Tricks to Avoid the Crowds in Paris

Paris is a beautiful city, so it’s no wonder visitors come in droves. But to have a relaxing trip, you need to get away from your fellow travelers and tourists. Over the course of the year I lived in Paris, I learned some great tricks to avoid the crowds and have an authentic Paris experience! 1. Use a different entrance at the Louvre. You’re probably planning to visit the Louvre while in Paris… just don’t[…]

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So many tourists in NYC's Little Italy

Tourist Trap ALERT: NYC’s Little Italy

New York City has been a hub for Italian immigrants for well over 100 years, so it’s no surprise that it has killer Italian food. Just… not in Little Italy. That’s right, Little Italy is a tourist trap. Little Italy, in lower Manhattan, has a worldwide reputation for some of the tastiest Italian food outside of the boot. And it’s true, there is good food to be had! (See below). But no longer is this[…]

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Why We Hate The Question, “What did you do there?”

We love to travel. We take trips whenever we can. And, inevitably, when we get back from a trip, we hear, “Wow, sounds fun! What did you do there?” (Or its cousin, “Sounds like a fun trip you’re planning, what will you do?”) And the answer, more often then not, is: NOTHING. Well, not quite nothing, but also not anything that anyone would want to hear about. We say, “Oh, we drank a lot of[…]

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Hospitalized in Colombia!

Hospitalized in Colombia (It Was Great!)

We had been in Medellín for about a week, and the tingling was getting out of control. It felt like half of my face had fallen asleep or gone numb. Never a good idea to Google your symptoms (of course), but I did (of course). What I read wasn’t good. I was probably dying, I figured. Plus, my doctor at home recommended that I seek medical care ASAP. So I set about doing that. Ethan[…]

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learning spanish in beautiful medellin

Learning Spanish in Medellín, Colombia

There’s a good reason that Medellín abounds with travelers stopping in to learn Spanish for a few weeks or even a few months. It’s a lively, energetic city. It has all of the restaurants, coffee shops, and bars that a traveler could ever ask for. It’s safe and affordable. There are day trips and weekend trips aplenty. And there are TONS of high-quality and inexpensive Spanish schools. So, if you need to brush up on[…]

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