How to Get a SIM Card in Lima, Peru

We almost always go abroad with our handy-dandy travel phones, so one of our very first tasks upon landing in a new country is to get a local SIM card. Buying a SIM card on-site is generally wayyyyyyy cheaper than pre-purchasing one from abroad, and it’s usually pretty easy! Here’s how we got our SIM cards in Lima, Peru, and how much it cost us! Avoid the airport Claro kiosk In the baggage claim area[…]

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visit paris on a budget!

How can I afford a trip to Paris – or anywhere?

It’s everyone’s first question: “you guys don’t work in finance, you didn’t inherit millions, so how do you afford to travel around the world all the time???” Fair question. Here we’ll lay out the answer, and demonstrate how we’d afford a trip to Paris. Hint: travel is NOT as expensive as nearly everyone believes. A traditional trip Let’s start with a traditional plan for a trip. First, you need some flights, say for two people.[…]

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7 Tricks to Avoid the Crowds in Paris

Paris is a beautiful city, so it’s no wonder visitors come in droves. But to have a relaxing trip, you need to get away from your fellow travelers and tourists. Over the course of the year I lived in Paris, I learned some great tricks to avoid the crowds and have an authentic Paris experience! 1. Use a different entrance at the Louvre. You’re probably planning to visit the Louvre while in Paris… just don’t[…]

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So many tourists in NYC's Little Italy

Tourist Trap ALERT: NYC’s Little Italy

New York City has been a hub for Italian immigrants for well over 100 years, so it’s no surprise that it has killer Italian food. Just… not in Little Italy. That’s right, Little Italy is a tourist trap. Little Italy, in lower Manhattan, has a worldwide reputation for some of the tastiest Italian food outside of the boot. And it’s true, there is good food to be had! (See below). But no longer is this[…]

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Why We Hate The Question, “What did you do there?”

We love to travel. We take trips whenever we can. And, inevitably, when we get back from a trip, we hear, “Wow, sounds fun! What did you do there?” (Or its cousin, “Sounds like a fun trip you’re planning, what will you do?”) And the answer, more often then not, is: NOTHING. Well, not quite nothing, but also not anything that anyone would want to hear about. We say, “Oh, we drank a lot of[…]

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