So many tourists in NYC's Little Italy

Tourist Trap ALERT: NYC’s Little Italy

New York City has been a hub for Italian immigrants for well over 100 years, so it’s no surprise that it has killer Italian food. Just… not in Little Italy. That’s right, Little Italy is a tourist trap. Little Italy, in lower Manhattan, has a worldwide reputation for some of the tastiest Italian food outside of the boot. And it’s true, there is good food to be had! (See below). But no longer is this[…]

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Why We Hate The Question, “What did you do there?”

We love to travel. We take trips whenever we can. And, inevitably, when we get back from a trip, we hear, “Wow, sounds fun! What did you do there?” (Or its cousin, “Sounds like a fun trip you’re planning, what will you do?”) And the answer, more often then not, is: NOTHING. Well, not quite nothing, but also not anything that anyone would want to hear about. We say, “Oh, we drank a lot of[…]

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Hospitalized in Colombia!

Hospitalized in Colombia (It Was Great!)

We had been in Medellín for about a week, and the tingling was getting out of control. It felt like half of my face had fallen asleep or gone numb. Never a good idea to Google your symptoms (of course), but I did (of course). What I read wasn’t good. I was probably dying, I figured. Plus, my doctor at home recommended that I seek medical care ASAP. So I set about doing that. Ethan[…]

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learning spanish in beautiful medellin

Learning Spanish in Medellín, Colombia

There’s a good reason that Medellín abounds with travelers stopping in to learn Spanish for a few weeks or even a few months. It’s a lively, energetic city. It has all of the restaurants, coffee shops, and bars that a traveler could ever ask for. It’s safe and affordable. There are day trips and weekend trips aplenty. And there are TONS of high-quality and inexpensive Spanish schools. So, if you need to brush up on[…]

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snuggly cats at Medellin cat cafe!

The World’s Best Cat Cafe: Medellin, Colombia

We like cats, and we like cafes. By now, we’ve been to cat cafes in five different countries, on four different continents. And we’ve found the best one. In the world. This is true! The best cat cafe in the world is El Catfesito in Medellin, Colombia. And here’s why. Most cat cafes aren’t great Sadly. Spoken as people who love cats and cafes. We always go in with such high hopes, and they are[…]

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