snuggly cats at Medellin cat cafe!

The World’s Best Cat Cafe: Medellin, Colombia

We like cats, and we like cafes. By now, we’ve been to cat cafes in five different countries, on four different continents. And we’ve found the best one. In the world. This is true! The best cat cafe in the world is El Catfesito in Medellin, Colombia. And here’s why. Most cat cafes aren’t great Sadly. Spoken as people who love cats and cafes. We always go in with such high hopes, and they are[…]

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Rio de Janeiro: Stay in Santa Teresa or Leblon?

When we were planning our trip to Rio, most people recommended staying in Santa Teresa or the Ipanema/Leblon areas. We couldn’t decide, so we spent time in both! Now, where you stay in Rio will have a big impact on your experience there, so choose wisely! The city unfortunately isn’t particularly walkable, and being a city of over 11 million people, it’s huge. That means long taxi rides for you if you’re not staying in[…]

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Crowded and touristy streets in Dubrovnik

Why You Shouldn’t Visit Dubrovnik (But Should Still Go To Croatia!)

Croatia has taken off as a tourist destination, and more and more tourists visit Dubrovnik every year. It’s famous, of course, as the filming location for Game of Thrones, and beautiful images of this seaside castle town are everywhere. Dubrovnik is certainly picturesque. There’s no denying that. But, as a vacation destination, think Disneyland rather than quaint historic city. We visited Dubrovnik in April, which is not the height of tourist season, and not even[…]

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Overnight Layover in Amsterdam: 6 Things to Know

On our way back from Sicily, we ended up with an overnight layover in Amsterdam. We had never been before, and we weren’t sure if such a short visit would be worth it. Here’s what we learned! 1. Airport transit is incredibly easy. Like, truly, so so easy.  We got on a train at the (very beautiful) airport.  We rode the train for about 15 minutes. We arrived in the city center.  Done! 2. Lodging[…]

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Sicily in winter - you'll have the place to yourself!

Should I Visit Sicily in Winter?

Here’s the big question: Should you visit Sicily in the winter?  In December? January? February? March? Could off-season secretly be the best time to visit Sicily? We traveled to eastern Sicily in February, and we stayed for ten days.  We based ourselves in Catania and Noto, and we also took day trips to Ragusa and Syracuse. Would we recommend traveling to Sicily in the winter?  Eh, maybe. Depends! We’ll lay out the pros and cons[…]

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