after being robbed in mexico city

Robbed in Mexico City!

Disclaimer: While we did get robbed, we loved Mexico City and strongly recommend it to everyone! We made some embarrassingly amateur mistakes that we will not repeat. Had we avoided them, I don’t think we would have been robbed. Overall we felt quite safe in Mexico City, and we don’t want anyone to get the incorrect impression that it’s a risky place to travel! Go there and eat tasty food! (And I just must mention[…]

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cusco is beautiful - but watch out for altitude sickness!

Altitude sickness in Cusco!

If you’re heading to Cusco, you probably know that it’s at high altitude – 11,200 feet, or 3,400 m. Not Mt. Everest-type high, but enough that perhaps 50% of people will feel some altitude sickness symptoms if they arrive in Cusco without spending a few days (or more) at intermediate altitudes to let their bodies acclimatize! So what is altitude sickness? In Cusco, for most people, it’s just a headache — maybe a nasty one[…]

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beaches of lima, seen from safe miraflores

Lima, Peru: Is it safe?

If you’re planning a trip to Lima, or to Machu Picchu and thinking about stopping over in Lima, you might be wondering: is it safe? Like always with this question, it’s tough to answer definitively. On the one hand, Peru in general has lower crime rates than its neighbors Colombia and Brazil; on the other, crime is much more frequent in Peruvian cities than in the United States or Europe. We have had a great[…]

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Rio de Janeiro: Stay in Santa Teresa or Leblon?

When we were planning our trip to Rio, most people recommended staying in Santa Teresa or the Ipanema/Leblon areas. We couldn’t decide, so we spent time in both! Now, where you stay in Rio will have a big impact on your experience there, so choose wisely! The city unfortunately isn’t particularly walkable, and being a city of over 11 million people, it’s huge. That means long taxi rides for you if you’re not staying in[…]

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