Vegetarian restaurants in Seoul: the best of the best!

Korean food is delicious, and vegetarian Korean food is even better! We spent our time in Korea searching out the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Seoul. (And we totally managed to avoid vegan fast-food monolith Loving Hut, as a bonus.) Here’s what we discovered! Vegetarian restaurants in Insadong We had two top-favorite vegetarian restaurants in Insadong. The first, Maru JaYeonSik Kimbap, is tiny, informal, and shockingly cheap. Dishes ranged from 2,000 to 4,000 won[…]

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boseong green tea plantation

How to visit the Boseong Green Tea Field

We decided to spend a few days in Korea visiting smaller cities in the south and the Boseong Green Tea Plantation (Daehan Dawon). This turned out to be a great choice. The towns and cities that we visited in the south were far less crowded and touristy than Seoul, and the tea farm at Boseong was beautiful! Here’s everything you need to know. Getting to Boseong from Seoul We read online about several people doing[…]

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Soviet truck in mongolia

To the Gobi! Our review of Golden Gobi Tours in Ulaanbaatar

Planning for a trip to Mongolia? You’ll want to book a tour, as it’s tough to get around the country on your own. We went with Golden Gobi Hostel and Tours – here’s our Golden Gobi review! Having done no research on Mongolia (of course), we hopped on our 30 hour train from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar. When we arrived, the tour manager from Golden Gobi hostel, where we were staying, was there to meet us[…]

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Beijing to Ulaanbaatar Train: the ULTIMATE Guide

We decided to travel by train from Beijing, China to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  Although China and Mongolia are neighbors, it’s a loong journey from China’s capital to Mongolia’s. BUT it’s the Trans-Siberian Railroad, so we thought it would be cool.  (We were right!)  Here’s the only travel guide you need to do the same! First thing to know – the Beijing to Ulaanbaatar train is for the experience, not the convenience or the price If you’re[…]

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14 Things No One Tells You About Traveling in China

Grandmas will push you People don’t usually think of little old ladies as physically aggressive.  But those people obviously haven’t been to China.  Getting off the subway?  Chances are an elderly woman is getting on, and she’ll body slam you right out of the way.  Waiting in line for something?  Watch out – someone’s grandma is probably about to hip check you so that she can literally sprint to the front of the line.  It’s[…]

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