Driving in Sicily: the Ultimate Guide

If you’re going to Sicily, you’re probably considering renting a car. Because the best of this incredible region is not in the major cities of Catania and Palmero, but the public transport network is not very robust. We don’t usually rent cars on our trips as they’re expensive and a bit of a hassle, but we quickly realized we’d need one if we wanted to get to Noto and the other small towns in the[…]

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Tasty pasta in a great Noto, Sicily restaurant!

The Best Restaurants in Noto, Sicily

We were staying in Noto, Sicily for five days in February, and food was scarce. Presumably the locals were cozy in their apartments, eating home-cooked Sicilian cuisine. ┬áBut we, the visitors, were looking for places to eat in Noto, and this proved far more challenging than expected. Eventually, we succeeded and found the tasty pasta that we dreamed about – here’s our list of the best restaurants in Noto, Sicily. We arrived in Noto on[…]

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